Current Research Interests

  • Precision measurement and advanced sensing
  • Laser interferometry for gravitational wave detectors
  • Cavity length sensing and control
  • Laser frequency and intensity stabilization
  • Mid-IR laser sources
  • Laser frequency metrology
  • Wavelength conversion and filtering

Past research

2015 - 2018

J R Macdonald Laboratory, Kansas State University, Kansas, USA.

  • Molecular gas-filled hollow core optical fiber lasers
    Modeling, design and implementation. This work was motivated in exploring a new class of lasers that combines the merits of fiber lasers with gas lasers. The gases of interest include acetylene, HCN and alike that have laser emission wavelengths in the mid-IR making them versatile for eye safe laser applications.
  • Fiber based frequency metrology
    This work investigates homemade gas cells made using photonic bandgap optical fibers that could be used as portable frequency references. Also the first phase investigations towards using fiber based infra-red frequency combs for precision spectroscopy of greenhouse gases was carried out.
  • Dual comb Spectroscopy
    This project aimed at designing a portable instrument to perform frequency comb spectroscopy on agriculturally significant gases that have their molecular fingerprints in the mid-IR region.

2012 – 2015

California Institute of Technology, California, USA.

  • Worked as part of the instrumentation group for the LIGO Scientific Collaboration, that made the breakthrough first direct detection of gravitational waves in 2015. My work was extensively in the assembly and commissioning for the 40 meter prototype interferometer at CalTech. The 40 meter is a controls prototype for the LIGO project working on interferometer control algorithms and serves as a test bed.
  • Worked on research and development problems for the next generation of gravitational wave detectors.

2011 – 2012

Institute for Laser Science, The University of Electro-communications, Tokyo, Japan.

  • Investigating properties of laser materials
  • Simulation and study of thermal lensing in laser materials
  • Ceramic laser cavity modeling and designing
  • Building diode-pumped microchip lasers
  • Modeling and designing Q-switched microchip ceramic lasers.