1. For LIGO educational resources,science summaries,latest updates: LIGO Scientific Collaboration: LSC
  2. GW science in India: LIGO India
  3. GW science at IUCAA: GW@IUCAA
  4. Science Summaries of the LSC Scientific Publications: The science of LSC research
  5. Gravitational Wave-Observatories Status and Log Book: Gravitational-Wave Observatory Status
  6. Overview of the instrument research in the LSC: LIGO Instrument Science White Paper 2020
  7. Research papers and all the topic wise information about GW-Science and Detector Technology: List of Topics
  8. GW@Home with LIGO-India lecture series on GW Science: Youtube playlist
  9. Optical simulation of interferometric GW detector: Finesse tool for detecting gravitational waves
  10. ICTS-Summer School - Summer School on Gravitational-Wave Astronomy: Youtube playlist
  11. Fun LIGO labs apps: Portfolio of apps for PC and mobile